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“Jeff Moon is a talented and versatile voice artist. Our eLearning courses contain challenging, technical content and Jeff manages to sound like the subject matter expert of each one.  He is thorough, professional and a true pleasure to work with.”

-- Betsy Gast, Creative Director, Cantilever Instruction + Design

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Dependable Easygoing Fun Male Voiceover Voice Over Artist Narrator Commercial Audiobook Audiobooks Explainer Videos E-Learning Character Audio Drama 

If you're looking for dependable, professional, yet easy-going talent for your project, look no further.   


Jeff has a BA in Theatre and nearly 35 years’ experience as a stage and film actor.


As a solo narrator, Jeff has worked on over 100 audiobooks released through Audible, which are also available on Amazon and iTunes. ​ He has also taken part in projects for The Online Stage, and the Internet Archive, providing straight narration as well as character voices for dramatic readings, plays, commercial, animation, and video game projects. ​


Jeff is no stranger to reading copy for web-based marketing and training videos, and has worked for clients such as SPXFlow and Cantilever Instruction and Design. ​


His portfolio of regional accents include standard American, New York, New England, Southern US, British, Irish, Russian, and others.


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Rochester, NY

Tel: 585-474-6240



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