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Dialogue - Male / Female -
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Is Sally easy to look at... or just easy?

Nonfiction - Self-help -
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How can you defeat negative thoughts?

Non-fiction - Religion -
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Can you believe in God AND science?

Fiction - Mystery/Thriller -
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Who killed Lance Moreau?


Cyber Security -
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Call Center -
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UAB Medicine -
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Linguini & Bob's -
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“Jeff Moon is a talented and versatile voice artist. Our eLearning courses contain challenging, technical content and Jeff manages to sound like the subject matter expert of each one.  He is thorough, professional and a true pleasure to work with.”

-- Betsy Gast, Creative Director, Cantilever Instruction + Design

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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The Link is a fantastic story that sets up an unfortunate, and an all too real world we live in today. The engaging story keeps the listener wanting to know what comes with the next page turn.
Jeff Moon's voice performance is very good. The performer allows the listener to engage with the story, with clearly defined characters.

--- Jeff Runge -- Audible review for "The Link" by Dennis Shock

“Jeff Moon is the narrator and his voice is perfect for western, historical romance. He has a great variety of voices, easy to distinguish and pulls out each emotion. He builds the suspense and kept me wanting to hear more. He was a pleasure to listen to."

-- review of "A Foreman for Fiona" in the Essential Romance Book Club Facebook Group


Dependable Easygoing Fun Male Voiceover Voice Over Artist Narrator Commercial Audiobook Audiobooks Explainer Videos E-Learning Character Audio Drama 

I started devouring books at age six and haven’t stopped since. When I got to high school, I discovered theatre when I took the stage as a German dragon (complete with Leiderhosen) for a children’s show.


After over 120 audiobooks and over 50 shows, I learned I could combine my two loves as a narrator, being various characters from the comfort of my studio in Rochester, NY. My dramatic training helps me bring non-fiction and e-learning alive for the listeners.

When I’m not in the booth, I’m probably busy trying to keep track of my beautiful Italian wife and my two spoiled ShihTzu puppies.



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Rochester, NY

Tel: 585-474-6240



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